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K&B Creations offers a variety of countertop materials for your project such as marble, quartz, granite, soapstone and more. Our design studio has displays and samples of some of the leading countertop manufacturers including Ceasarstone, Cambria, Pental Quartz, Aurea Stone, MSI and Zodiaq. We have developed relationships with several local countertop fabricators and installers, and we offer countertop design and project management services.

   How It Works   

Like any awesome accessory to an outfit, countertop selection can make or break your kitchen. It is the ultimate surface selection that needs to combine, aesthetic and function. It needs to have personality, while still being the lynchpin of your kitchen compilation. It will need to withstand red wine and marinara sauce, homework and dirty elbows, pots, pans, and anything under the sun.

There are many great options for countertops; from real stone products like granite, quartzite, soapstone, marble, to man-made surfaces like quartz, glassos, concrete, wood, and metal. We can help you understand the nuances of those products and figure out what works best for you! 


Countertop pricing is always based on a square foot number, usually with a minimum cost to purchase an entire slab. Prices can vary greatly from one material to another, and even within the same material category.


Budget is always an important topic in a kitchen renovation conversation, and we partner directly with our fabricators to get access to limited selection of wholesale slabs shipped directly to us. We can offer great pricing on select quartz, granite, and few quartzite products 

After your design is finalized, we will provide you with a total per square foot number for countertops so you can compare pricing of different materials. At this point we will also begin the discussion of overhangs, if relevant, edge profile, surface finishing, cutouts, and seam locations. 

Different material will allow you different overhang ratio's so if you are planning seating at your island make sure to discuss with your designer implications of larger overhang.

We typically offer four to five standard edge profiles with no up-charge. Quarter round, pencil edge, full, round. bevel, and ogee are just some of your standard edge profiles.


Seams, the last big conversation to have about your kitchen layout. Sometimes depending on the size of your cabinetry design or to keep your kitchen on one or two slabs, it will be necessary to have a seam in the countertop

There are two generally accepted avenues with seams, either put one at your sink, where it will be significantly less noticeable since only a small portion is visible, or do it leading up to the corner. 

Sans the design process and once your cabinets have been installed, your fabricators will send out a professional to template your countertop space, to ensure the stone is cut just right to every angle or imperfection in the surrounding walls. From there it is very important to take a trip to our fabrication shops to pinpoint the exact location of your template on the slabs you pick. You will have the ability to move the template around like a puzzle piece, until you get the exact visual you were hoping for. After that the only other step that is left is installation day.

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